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Galactic Civilizations IV Beta 1 Community Q&A

Published on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 By SchismNavigator In GalCiv IV News

It's time to leave the dockyards!

We are preparing to launch Galactic Civilizations IV into beta, and we can't wait to talk with you about everything that's shiny and new. When we launched the alpha several months ago, we knew you'd have questions - just like you probably do now. Which means it's time for another LIVE Q&A session with members of our development team!

We'll answer questions like:

What have we been working on? How are things going to be different between the alpha and the beta? Who's driving this thing, anyway?

Excited to hear more? Here are the details!

What: Live Q&A session with the Galactic Civilizations IV team

When: October 22nd at 1:45 PM (1345) ET



  • Derek Paxton – Lead Designer
  • Chad LaForce – Producer
  • Henry Pailing – Community Manager

If you have a microphone that wasn't sold at an inflated price on the galactic market, then you can join in on our community discord and ask your question during the live Q&A. Alternatively, you can post your query ahead of time here on the forums or via one of our other social channels. Our goal is to collect and answer as many questions from the community as possible. 

If you can't make the 2:00pm live session, don't worry! The Q&A will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel

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See you online!