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Feedback 0.55.194342 after multiple hours

Published on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 By mooncows100 In Galactic Civilizations IV

So I have played 2 complete games and 1 game to the point where It keeps crashing and I have some ideas up to this point and feedback so far. I will try to keep all my thoughts short and concise so I do not ramble.


  • Love feeder colonies supplying a few major worlds idea. Definitely one of my favorite things
  •  Multiple "Sectors" through slip streams is awesome. I enjoy having multiple areas to focus on
  • I like the tech, random tech's being offered up to me helps to spark creativity in my strategies
  • Assigning Leaders idea is good, but I think it needs a bit more fleshing out (more later)
  • The screens for starting a new game are a great idea, I don't usually customize my race in games but this has caused me to do it multiple times. Something I do not usually fiddle with 
  • The ship designer once in game for me personally is great. I like being able to slap on some upgrades to hardpoints on the ship, fiddle with some stuff and I am off. I don't usually go super deep in ship customization so having it in the main menu works for me personally very well
  • Out of combat abilities are a great idea, and I would love to see more. Feels like there is a lot of room for great ideas
  • I like having multiple sliding ideology scales.

Cons (with suggestions)

  • Biggest problem I have right out of the gate is the food situation on feeder colonies. I won't go crazy in detail but either feeder colonies need to only have 1 population on them without growing, or only consume 1 food per feeder colony. Or something else, but currently you are forced to use rationing policy and farm districts just to keep up. 
  • Feeder worlds are unhappy, but I have no idea why. Hovering over this does not offer any reasons or modifiers to what is causing this unlike what I can see on my core world citizens.
  • The AI is not very good. I don't know a lot about game design so I am guessing that the AI gets worked on over time.
  • The notifications on the left of the screen are fiddley at the best of times. They keep vanishing randomly, or I won't even get a popup for battles or other events. And even when I close the top notifications, the bottom ones remain where they are. They should slide up and take the place of the old one IMO
  • Industrial districts on a planet have an orange border that is very close to the standard orange border on tiles on worlds. I think it needs to stand out a bit more
  • Prestige is very easy right now to win with. Simple balancing thing but its very easy currently
  • Battles feel boring and lifeless. Like I have no say in the matter other then the blob of ships I toss at another blob of ships. I think a great way to combat this would be to allow a Leader ship command the entire fleet and you could assign orders to the commander before battles. For instance, I could recruit a hot-headed leader who is very aggressive, put him in charge of a fleet with a bunch of fast attack craft and set them to "Blitz" and charge in. Or, hire a very defensive focused commander and set them to barrage from afar with missile boats. I think this would keep the combat quick like it is, add more depth to the leaders you hire, and allow the player a small amount of say as to what happens in combat before it begins. This could all take place on the galaxy map without needing to go to a separate screen.
  • The star base system is a bit confusing and I think needs better tooltips. They will have bonuses to production, but only to planets in range but not feeder planets? I think there is a bit of work here to make them more than just strategic resource miners.

All in all I am really loving this game even in its current early form. I am very excited to see where it goes, and this is by far the most I have ever been invested in a game before it is even out. Keep up the amazing work!