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Critical Design Issues.

Published on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 By KungStrategy In

1. Right now all planetary improvements add a percentage to the base input. If the input is 0 no improvement can change that value ever. Today I got a level 77 planet with 0 manufacturing. I will never be able to build anything on those 77 tiles unless I can lead a colony with manufacturing in there. Which leads to the next issue. 

2. It is not possible to downgrade a core worlds to a colonies. I had a class 6 core world with 2 production next to my 77 planet. If I could just downgrade, I could use those tiles.

3. In Alpha v0.55 you can population deplete a world permanently by launching too many pop consuming ships. The planet just stays at 0 and never grows. In v0.50 they where restricting colony ship launch for no good reason now we have the opposite problem. 

4. Population transfers options from one world to another could really smooth many problems.

5. The random decisions that pop up should be more civilization specific. For example I had to decide what to do for a famine on a planet only populated by Yor. 

6. Ships menu needs a sort by upgrades option. The only thing I ever use that menu for is to upgrade ships every time the option shows, and I have to scroll forever to find the ship with an available upgrade. I want it to jump to the top. 

7. When choosing upgrades a count of if you have already built say a slipstream accelerator would be nice. If you are in a fleet and you want to check the components of an individual ship, you have to disband the fleet just to look that up. A counter next to its list in the upgrade menu would just make things easier. 

8. An approval menu similar to the economics menu would be nice. Right now the only way to see approval is to hover over individual citizens or check the overall rating in the policy menu. Approval is required just to upgrade government so people need more info. 

9. Shipyards could list pop, popcap, and if the planet is considered crowded next to the sponsoring planet. There is some major disapproval for over crowding so every time shipyard come up I always click the sponsor to see if I should build pop ships. 

10. You should be able to trade food and climate purifiers with other civilizations. Yor do not need those items at all. Countries who cannot produce enough food get it through trade all the time here on earth.  

Does anyone else have issues to add?