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Sucked all the fun out of the Game

Published on Friday, September 3, 2021 By MRW1969 In Galactic Civilizations IV

Apart from the concept of not having to micro manage every colony theres not a lot here thats in anyway an improvement

And theres a whole load thats a massive backwards step

  1. UI
    1. Yeah - big thrills - you can draw circles - but so freaking what when you cant tell whats actually inside your circle and what isnt - if youre going to have a hex map - make the boundries hexagonal as well and draw the lines so you can see them - the amount of effort required to determine whats within a constructors sphere and what isnt is ridiculous
    2. The visibility of objects when you scroll in and out is appalling
    3. The Planet markers obscure everything
    4. The queues - lets make it even harder to reorder
    5. Could you put up a few more popups - the 430 each turn isnt quite enough
    6. Could you make sure the popups pop up in an even more interrupting manner
    7. Why does the new research option need to be actioned - why cant we do our ship movements and planet changes before we choose our next tech to research
  2. Ship Designer
    1. Lets take all the fun out of designing and building ships - instead of being able to create ships with multiple parts and test there effectiveness we now have a totally limited set of choices - none of which are interesting - and then we cant upgrade one design to a new one
    2. Cannot see any reason why you cant import Gal Civ 3 Designs - the parts are all the same - weak excuse - sounds like some developer is too lazy to do his job
  3. Gameplay
    1. Ship battles are boring as can be now
    2. Ship upgrades are even more boring - and illogical
    3. Surveying could not be any more annoying - no end of repetitive popups and options - what is the point - especially since I cant store Stealth Modules etc - i.e. I can find 597 but still only get to apply 1 - pfft - some massive boasts about getting rid of boring micro management and then you put this in - I dont think you have a clue what is boring micro management and what isnt

Basically Gal Civ 4 is abysmal boring waste of time - this is what happens when you let someone who created a popular mod become a game designer

Just as Jon Schafer ruinied Civ Kael is now ruining Gal Civ 4 - he doesnt have the talent or the ability - hes so far out of his depth

Fire the moron and hire someone who has a clue before its too late

Civ 4 - Peak Civ

Gal Civ 2 - Peak Gal Civ

Space Empires 4 - Peak Space Empires

Modern games developers are absolute crap