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Re-using Buggy Code

Published on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 By Phlox1 In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

Hi SD,

Re-using code is a common-sense approach to any project. Re-using buggy code from GC3 is shameful.

I could provide several examples of this but, based on previous failed attempts to convince you, it doesn't seem worth the effort.

I have endured the misspelled words and terrible grammar in GC3 but it is terrible to bring this to a shiny new game that has such potential. Simple things like the Research progress bar being inaccurate to the week numbers in the auto-save notifications rolling over after turn 50. This is plain sloppy work.

I realize that GC4 is still in its infancy, but these simplistic errors are reminiscent of things that never got fixed in GC3 after years of complaints from paying customers.

Your programmers are apparently fluent in whichever programming language they are using but English is not their strong suit. Might I suggest that you either employ a proofreader or at the very least use a grammar and spelling checker? This is basic stuff.

Please raise the bar, Stardock. GC4 is looking like a marvelous creation so let's not ruin it with an unpolished interface.

I don't mean to sound undiplomatic here. I am simply excited about this game and want it to be the best that it can be.

Thank you,