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Meaningless Terrain and Boring Maps

Published on Monday, August 30, 2021 By Surge72 In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

Hello Galciv community,

The most impactful piece of feedback I can give:

Just like all previous Galcivs before this, the maps are extremely empty, and the "features" such as nebula and blackholes do too little to give any meaningful shape to the map, and indeed make any impact to decisions of the players. I see this being due to two reasons:

1) The features are too small. Nebulae should be significantly larger - both for gameplay reasons, and to be more grounded in reality. Keep in mind that nebulae are where starts are born- they should be massive. Look at the most famous one - the Pillars of Creation. These are just a tiny feature in the larger nebula, and alone are 5 light years across. The actual nebula is some 70 light years across. Ignoring how big the features should be for realities sake, the current tiny size of them means they never come into relevance in a game anyway, as they are too easy to ignore entirely.

2) The features don't do enough. I suggested this for the Galciv 3 beta, and will suggest it again. Nebulae and Blackholes should block sensors. Sensors should be shadowed by nebulae and black holes. Sensors outside a nebula should not be able to see into (or at least not very far into) it, and should certainly have no line of sight to anything behind it. Just like my first point above, this would both better match reality, and impact the map in a very real gameplay way. Suddenly you have real terrain, where if you aren't careful, you can be subject to surprise attacks from fleets that made their approach in the shadow of a nebula or a blackhole. It becomes important to build listening stations in the correct places to cover your blind spots. It would be awesome!

So there's my two suggestions - a way of giving terrain to an otherwise incredibly empty map.

Kind regards.