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The High Cost of War

Published on Saturday, August 14, 2021 By NelsMonsterX2 In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

One thing I would love to see in GalCiv4 is a greater emotional heft to battles while at war. I'll never forget my first playthroughs of GalCiv2 and how I felt when I realized the enemy freighter I had just blown to bits had a crew complement of 10-20 people (can't remember the exact number). I remember thinking that could've been a family operation with the wife and kids aboard, just trying to scrape together a living in an old trade ship in the dangerous blackness of space. As the emperor of my own civilization, I was gleefully wrecking the enemies trade routes to hamper their economy and sever their supply lines, but as a human being I felt the horrors of war firsthand. I would love to see GalCiv 4 expand on this theme, making a simple act of destroying a freighter a very impactful event that you can't feel 100% good about.