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Save me from all these trade offers...

Published on Thursday, July 29, 2021 By Teland793 In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

I like a nice, low-key experience for basically all of my gaming endeavors, so I limited my opponents to two and made friends quickly. Problem is, hardly a turn goes by without them trying to trade with me. This wouldn't be egregious, but the initial trade offers are horrifically bad despite me being maxed out on approval with both civs. 

Fine, so I laboriously adjust the trade to something better for me and click send. But the thing is, doing this *every turn* is sucking the fun right out of things. 

Overall, I am *wildly* impressed with this 'alpha'. A few spelling mistakes here and there, a few times when the UI is difficult to read -- most notable when I'm in planet view and trying (and failing) to read all the stats on the left. Additionally, I am not best pleased to *have* to start in the same sector with all my opponents. That's just stressful, and I sincerely hope we'll get options to punt those aliens across the galaxy during the set-up process while we slowly and comfortably build our empires.

Still, though, despite all the changes, it was incredibly easy to jump right in and play. It helps that I've been playing these games for over a decade, but you guys have created a deeply *intuitive* monster of a 4X game. That's no small feat.

I love this game. I love the depth of the worldbuilding, and how it flows organically from that which came before. I love the beauty of the map, and the ships, and the UI, and every-flipping-thing else. I love the music -- of COURSE -- and I love the customizability. Well done, y'all.