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Fifteen shades of Questions

Published on Sunday, June 20, 2021 By Twinping In Galactic Civilizations IV

Hi everybody,


Here a bunch of questions about GalCiv 4. It's based on informations in followings pages:

Dev Journals ( ) ;

FAQs ( ) ;

Gameplay topic ( ) ;

and Info Guide ( )


1. Stars sector's max size is large (according to GalCiv 3, it means 90 hexs radius max), then are hypergates still worth the pain to build a constructor, spend turns to move it to a desired point, build an hypergate and connect it to another one when a fleet can travel almost 170 hexs per turn (in Gal Civ3 after Retribution tech tree rework - before it was around twice)?

Will the use of hyperlanes be restricted to the owner of linked hypergates?

If possible, will this access to owned hyperlanes be added as a negotiable treaty to open it to other civs? 

Will it be possible to capture hypergates and not only destroy them?

If hypergates can have multiple Inputs lanes, why they can't have multiple Output lanes?


2. In Gal Civ 3, it's possible to "sterilise" owned planets, making them "dead planets". Is it still possible in GC 4?

If it is, is it possible to "sterilise" in one click all owned planets in a given sector or would I have to do it planet by planet?


3. Are in and out of subspace streams fixed in specific hexs or alongside specific edges or anywhere in concerned stars sector?


4. Space between stars being smaller in GC 4, are ships' moves and travel range scaled to fit it or are they similar to GC 3?


5. Are supply ships still present in GC 4?


6. Is the offered choice of 4 techs - 5 with dedicated minister - only based on innovation rating? I read that players spend hundred turns waiting for logical next level of a tech - tiny hull (basic) normally followed by small hull leading to medium hull.


7. For me, two big features of GC 3 is the great need in resources to build, construct ships, recruit citizens and use their special actions and the iniquitous distribution of rare resources through galaxy. With rework of planet management and citizens, are these two main features still present in GC 4?


8. Movements and mixed populations give opportunities to the game to affect player's governance, are there some tools for the player to act on them in response? (promoting multiculturalism, encourage to pogrom, forced move of minority like in ottoman empire)

Playing human civilization and having human diaspora on drengin planets, may I use them as soft power to create riots or promote my culture?


9. In GC 4, does AI still use hundreds of lonely ships instead of grouping them?

When AI decide to group its ships, does it pay attention to group them based on their max moves and travel range or does it still group 7 moves ships with 20 moves ships making all its fleets dead slow?


10. Does AI construct useless basic ships in late game?


11. In GC 3, friendly AI can give you its homeworld when it gives up. In GC 4, can they also transfer their resources and money or are they lost for ever?


12. When I conquer a planet, may I directly decide to "sterilise" it without having to enter into planet management window?


13. Adminstration points being no more in GC 4, am I able to construct an infinite number of starbases and hypergates?


14. In GC 3, ideology system made all benevolent civilizations declaring war against me because I was too peacefull and had the original sin to be pragmatic that our common trade and my diplomats didn't succeed to make forgive.

Will the future cultural spectrum impact civ's diplomatic relations depending on their acts instead of their predetermined setting?

Will my behavior act on cultural spectrum or is it exclusively pop-up choices based?


15. Do the new Asteroid Miner start mining closest asteroids' field by itself? If not, I don't see where it's less micromanagement than the old system (select asteroids' field, press "B" key, repeat with next ones if wanted).

Other point independent of automatic affectation or not. In my opinion, having to construct asteroid miners adds lots of ships in shipyard's queue when you need it free for battleships.


If you have an answer for one or some of my questions, I suggest to copy/paste the question(s) in your reply post with their numbers and write your answer(s) beneath each of them to keep it clear and easily understandable without having to come back on the first post to know what was the linked question(s).


Already thanks for all answers.




Addendum (21/06):

16. I read there will only be slider for tax rate or even none. Is it possible/ planed to add sliders in galatic market and diplomatic windows to save hundreds of clicks to buy resources or reach the acceptable amount of resources to have a deal?


17. In GalCiv 4, legions are replaced by citizens and transport ships no more needed to conquer colony what can be done by armed ships directly.

Why don't go further in this idea and consider all ships having an amount of crew members related to hull size (hit points) allowing them to conquer directly any worlds, even core worlds without transport ships and citizens?

In this case, fleet's hit points and invasion forces are directly linked; on the one hand, killed or completely defeated invasion forces during ground battles impact ships' hit points until possible complete destruction, on the other hand, space battle against potential defensive fleet impact strenght (amount) of invasion ground forces.