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Fun, immersion and information at the strategic and tactical layers

Published on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 By The_Tourist In Galactic Civilizations IV


The strategic layer



This is where the player spends most of their time, and they do so at different zoom levels. Do you guys think it would be fun, immersive and informative if:


  • When zoomed right in on a planet, you can hear radio chatter about the conditions on that planet e.g. if it's close to being flipped culturally you would hear a news broadcast about "'freedom fighters about to liberate the capitol from regime control".


  • When zoomed out to a star system level you hear radio chatter from various vessels in the system e.g. "Terran warship reporting detection of an enemy vessel" and "trading vessel requesting permission to dock".


  • Since combat can now take more than one turn, if you zoom into where the battle is taking place you'll hear radio chatter about the status of the battle e.g. "our forces are suffering heavy casualties". You'll also hear the sound of gunfire and explosions in the background of this radio chatter.


  • When zoomed out to the star sector level you'll hear radio chatter about the overall status of the sector e.g. a news report talking about how the sector is in turmoil.


 What do you guys think about a Galactic News Network button? It's tucked away in the corner somewhere, and if the player wants they click it and a small pop out window appears that can be moved around. This window video streams all the latest from the GNN e.g. a video of planetfall indicating a colonization event, or a video showing ship to ship combat indicating a battle has taken place or a video of a summit indicating a diplomatic event has taken place. This way the player can continue doing what they're doing while having the news on in the background.




The tactical layer



I know there won't be tactical battles that you can control in GalCiv 4 but I think it would be fun if you could watch the battles and control the camera zooming in and out, turning and panning the camera as you wish. You could do this in GalCiv 3 but I found the camera controls wonky and I couldn't watch the battles the way I wanted to.


I think the tactical layer would be a great opportunity for some battle chatter from both sides. If you are clearly dominating the enemy then the battle chatter would reflect that e.g. "We caught them with their pants down".


The battle chatter would reflect the personalities of the species involved.




At the start of the battle there would be a broadcast from both sides, the side initiating the engagement would broadcast first.


If you are fighting an enemy similar to the Borg from Star Trek, at the start of the battle you would hear something similar to the the infamous line "We are the Borg, prepare to be assimilated, resistance is futile".


If you are fighting the Drengin they would tell you how puny and pathetic you are and that they will crush you like the insects you are etc.



It would also be great if the battle chatter could give you an idea of how effective/ineffective your weapons/defences are.



When hearing battle chatter you'd also hear background effects that give you an idea of the health of the ship e.g. battle chatter from a ship at full health will be clear with some muffled weapons fire in the background. Battle chatter from a heavily damaged ship will have much more interference with sounds of explosions, decompression and screams in the background (unless it's Yor, the Yor don't scream)


If a ship is about to be destroyed you'd hear battle chatter like "power core going critical!".



This is probably beyond the scope of GalCiv 4 but it would be cool if you could zoom right up to the bridge of a warship and see the crew in action. Or watch as a mass driver punches a hole in the side of your ship causing that section to decompress and you'd see the venting of atmosphere and crew!


Will debris persist during the battle? It would be cool if an energy beam carved a ship into two and those pieces floated across the battlefield.