Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Galactic Civilizations IV

Transform combat with custom military doctrines, controlling ship behavior and strategy. Enjoy enhanced combat, intricate ship designs, detailed reports, deepening strategic warfare.

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Unleash unparalleled strategic depth and tactical flexibility with the Warlords expansion for Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova. The Warlords expansion sets a new benchmark for space warfare in the series, with the introduction of War Aims, additional options for Doctrines, a host of new Invasion Tactics, New Ship Components, New Technologies, and even the capability to capture enemy Starbases.

War Aims

Set the scope and intensity of your wars. Choose from four escalating war aims, each affecting the diplomatic landscape differently, from limited skirmishes to full-scale annihilation. Tailor your warfare strategies without restrictions, but beware of the galactic consequences if conflicts drag on too long.

Invasion Tactics

Employ new tactics to siege and capture enemy core worlds and colonies. Choose from various invasion approaches, from Orbital Bombardments and Surface Invasions to specialized tactics like Biological Attacks or EMPs. Each method carries distinct advantages and potential repercussions for the invaded worlds.

Enhanced Ship Types and Classes

Organize your fleets more effectively with new ship types and classes. Small Hulls now feature the agile Corvette alongside the sturdy Frigate, and new ship classes like the "Wolf Hound" Corvette class bring additional tactical options, such as increased hit points and specific operational abilities.

Operational Abilities and Targeting Priorities

Customize your ship classes further with 14 new operational abilities and expanded targeting priorities. These allow for refined control over your fleet's actions in battle, enabling sophisticated strategies against diverse enemy formations.

New Technologies and Ship Components

Research new technologies and equip your ships with innovative components that offer unique battlefield advantages. From Assault Shuttle pods that capture enemy vessels to Time Dilators that delay enemy actions, these components can be decisive in critical confrontations.

Capture Starbases

Take advantage of the spoils of war by capturing enemy Starbases instead of destroying them. This strategic evolution opens up new possibilities, allowing you to seize crucial resources or gain defensive footholds in enemy territories.