Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Galactic Civilizations IV

Discover unique tech, planetary upgrades, and ship parts. Enjoy new events and expanded gameplay for custom civilizations, enhancing both strategy and story in a dynamic universe.

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About This Content

Dive into the 24th-century Centauron sector, a melting pot of galactic powers like the Drengin Empire and the Altarians. This DLC enriches Galactic Civilizations IV with exclusive lore-driven events, unique planetary improvements, starship components, executive orders, a new government policy, and a new mission: Return of The Korath.


Experience greater depth to the various aspects of running a galactic Civilization with contextually-based Homeworld Events, ranging from issues of over-colonization to matters of political or economic instability.

Lore-driven Homeworld Events are available for Civilizations, including custom Civilizations, that have any of the following as their Citizen Race: Altarians, Arceans, Drath, Drengin, Iconians, Korath, Torians, and Yor. An additional unique Homeworld Event is available to the Terran Alliance and custom Civilizations that possess both the Human Citizen Race and the Voyagers Ability.

New Anomaly Events add variety to the pickups found surveying anomalies with your Flagships.

A multitude of new Colonization Events have been added to spice up the colonization experience so that you’ll never quite know what to expect when your colonists take their first steps on a new planet.


Tales of Centauron enhances playthroughs with over 30 new Planetary Improvements that can be obtained through Survey Events, Colonization Events, and Homeworld Events. Moreover, each of the Civilization-Exclusive Homeworld Events provide the opportunity to select one of three unique improvements for your Homeworld. These improvements often come with powerful effects or bonuses not found anywhere else.

Executive Orders

Emergency Speed - Orders the target fleet to go beyond their maximum rated speed, which provides a bonus to the fleet’s Movement Speed at the expense of reducing fleet Hit Points by a moderate percentage.

Rush Starbase Modules - Impels private industry to instantly deliver Modules to your Civilization, which can be used to upgrade Starbases.

Export Food Policy

The new Export Food Policy is available for Carbon-based Civilizations that have researched the Universal Translator. When enacted, the Export Food Policy provides a monthly bonus to Gross Income by reducing monthly Food production.

Ship Components

Several new ship components have been added, including the Fleet Shield Module, Energy Weapons Amplifier, and more.

Return of The Korath

In this Mission, take command of the Korath Clan, the deadliest of the Drengin, as they ominously resurge from the depths of space to cleanse the galaxy of all non-Drengin lifeforms. Their only goal is to exterminate the other Civilizations, and anything less is seen as failure.