Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Galactic Civilizations IV

Players can build constructions such as Dyson Spheres and Interstellar Gateways, each providing unique benefits. Expect more strategic depth with various star types.


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Elevate your civilization to a new realm of possibility with the Megastructures expansion for Galactic Civilizations IV. This expansion allows your civilization to advance to a Type II status, harnessing the power of stars to construct awe-inspiring megastructures on an unimaginable scale.

In this expansion, stars transform into a critical strategic resource. Utilize their immense energy to build a variety of megastructures, from energy-harvesting Dyson Spheres to expansive Interstellar Gateways, each offering unique benefits and advancing your civilization's capabilities in space.

Moreover, the Megastructures expansion introduces a layer of strategic depth by differentiating star types. Each type of star, from the fiery Red Giant to the dense White Dwarf, supports distinct improvements and offers specific strategic advantages. This adds a new dimension to your galactic expansion and resource management, as you must consider the unique potential of each star system you encounter.

The Megastructures expansion invites players to think bigger and bolder, redefining the scale and scope of their galactic endeavors in Galactic Civilizations IV.